How does it work?

Use the bookmarklet on a page full of interesting youtube videos or paste a url into the box above.

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  • YouTube - the worlds biggest video sharing site
  • Tuple - an ordered list of elements
  • YouTuple - an ordered, playable, skippable list of all the YouTube videos on a given webpage.

  • More Information about YouTuple

  • A tuple can be created from blog posts, forum threads, Facebook groups and other web pages that include links to multiple YouTube videos.

    Instead of flipping between tabs, going back and forth in your browser history and pressing play and pause, simply tuple the page and listen to the tracks or watch the videos in the order posted.

    If you want to use YouTuple on sites that require a log in, like Facebook groups, private forums and the like, you can use our Youtuple! bookmarklet (drag it to your bookmarks bar and then click it when you are on a page with a lot of YouTube videos that you want to watch. Don't know what a bookmarklet is? Read this Wikipedia article


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